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Ritratto di Arianna Matta

Arianna Matta was born in Rome in 1979 and her passion for art led her to graduate from DAMS in Rome; subsequently she obtained a Master's Degree in Aesthetic and Museum Communication. In 2009 she attended the courses of the Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) and in 2011 she was among the finalists of the Arte Laguna Prize in Venice.

The geometry that marks Arianna Matta's painting represents her very personal way of telling contemporary reality. The artist intervenes with different tools to create, using a metaphor of Zygmunt Bauman, a "liquid" vision of the world, in which man loses all of his point of reference and everything dissolves into a sort of instability. Her impetuous painting, made of light and color, breaks down places and objects into multiple planes, triggering interference that destabilizes the gaze. This liquid vision expresses all the uncertainty that grips modern society.

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