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Ritratto di Beatrice Corradi Dell'Acqua

Beatrice Corradi dell'Acqua is an Italian artist who lives and works in Milan. After graduating in biology, she trained as an artist in the field of graphics and illustration, inspired by the world of nature and working with acrylic painting. Her paintings are born from a modern reinterpretation of the imitation of marbles and semi-precious stones, which recall the precious sixteenth-century Florentine inlays. In them fairytales, nature, fantastic creatures and surreal worlds are mixed with stylistic elements of Art Déco.

Recently she has combined the world of art and design in a series of hand-painted coffee tables that reflect the fantastic worlds of the artist suspended in time; in these, the fake but refined veins of the marble are combined with the forms of contemporary design, giving life to unique pieces.


Collegamento alla mostra Beatrice Corradi Dell'Acqua


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