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Doriano Scazzosi was born in Milan in 1960. After completing his studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, he won the Annunciata Prize held by the homonymus gallery in Milan. He had numerous commissions for the decoration of churches and illustration of books for the Mursia Publishing House. The exhibition activity has thus intensified over the years with personal and collective shows in Italy and abroad and several of his works entered important private and public collections as well as museums.

Scazzosi's favorite theme is still life, specially cut flowers that seem to retain their natural freshness as if they had just been picked from the garden and placed on a surface waiting to be placed in a vase. The compositions with water and large glass vases have a great visual impact, revealing the author's ability to make reflections and transparencies. Mostly executed on panel, Scazzosi's paintings are made with a mixed technique of acrylic colors, pencils and pastels.


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