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Girolamo Ciulla_Arte in Salotto

Girolamo Ciulla (Caltanissetta, 1952) began exhibiting in 1970 by participating in the "VII Review of Contemporary Art" at Palazzo del Carmine in his hometown. Collaboration with Tiziano Forni, founder of the homonymous gallery in Bologna, began in 1987. There he began his artistic journey that would be studded with national and international exhibitions, commissions for Italian city squares and biennials. Today he lives and works in Pietrasanta, “at the sources of marble”.

The choice of travertine is reflected in the constant exploration of Mediterranean myths; original symbols of profound evocative power often recur in the works of Ciulla as well as temples, especially the ones in Agrigento, which recall the ancient origins of the civilization and culture of his Sicily. Ciulla's sculpture is synthetic in form, but at the same time highly expressive and evocative of a distant memory.

"Ciulla has brought the beauty of antiquity closer to us, he has made it stay at home, in our homes with his sculptures, and we hope that he will not face a wet sea, since, without travertine, Girolamo cannot live in the world . " - Giorgio Soavi


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