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Lucia Dibi_Arte in Salotto

Lucia Dibisceglie, aka Lucia DiBi, was born in Milan, where she lives, in 1967. After studying at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in painting, she later specialized in New Technologies of Art. She worked for years as an illustrator and interior decorator and recently decided to devote herself entirely to pictorial practice. After a first solo exhibition in Marseille in 2013, she exhibited in group exhibitions in Milan and in Italy, also participating in art fairs and prizes, such as the Art Rights Prize, finishing as a finalist.

Her work aims to create a mapping of the complex and stratified reality that surrounds her. The artist's views, fragments of past and present suggestions, denote her fascination for the city in which she lives and for its architectural details, recording with paint only apparently trivial elements, which in the chaos of everyday life escape our gaze. Lucia Dibi's paintings are glimpses of a non-elitist Milan, a tribute to the suburbs and their strong and authentic character, in which one breathes the shy grace of the city. This praise to the "real" Milan translates into the use of poor materials, which, mixed with acrylics, give a refined materiality to his canvases.


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