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From 24 February to 19 March 2023, the Circolo degli Esteri of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Rome hosts the personal exhibition of Loris Liberatori "Jardins d'Europe": a rich selection of great pictorial works by the artist pays homage to water as the origin of life and it wants to be a message in defense of the environment and the European landscape.


In Liberatori's paintings there is the artist's wonder in front of green monuments he himself visited, such as the Jardin de Bagatelles in Paris or Kew Gardens in London, but also the extraordinary charm of what has been elected the most beautiful in the world, the park of Ninfa at the foot of Sermoneta in Lazio.


A prestigious venue is that of the Rome Foreign Club to launch its message in defense of the European environment and landscape, in which history and culture have produced extraordinary environments. So here are large canvases, with thicknesses and glazes painted in oil and various techniques, illustrating a dreamlike journey where the protagonist is the magic of water, which has always been the leitmotiv of Liberatori's pictorial research, which for years has been conducting its investigation into the world of water and the extraordinary light effects it produces. ​


The big waves, the energy of the waves that rise to the sky, but also the images of the great European cities reflected in the watercourses, the nature that comes to life and luxuriance from the rivers, are the themes that inspire the works of Loris Liberatori , the master of the waves, as he is now known in Italy and throughout the world. In fact, Liberatori boasts a long and prestigious career that began in the 1970s when he was very young, boasting among his numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad his participation in the 54th Venice Biennale. Some of his works are also exhibited in the permanent collections of the Farnesina and the Bank of Italy.


Born in La Spezia in 1958. Liberatori identifies himself in the New Figuratism area; his references: from the historical abstract art of Afro and Burri, to the research on color and spirituality of the French-Chinese master Zao Wou-Ki. His works are exhibited in important galleries in Italy and abroad and in the permanent collections of the Farnesina and the Bank of Italy. ​


An uninterrupted career always in the artistic field, studies at the San Matteo in Pisa, faculty of art history, and a post-graduate specialization in psycho-pedagogical teaching at the Ecole d'art Martenot in Paris. A particular art teaching method aimed at developing creative abilities in children and adults that Liberatori applies in the atelier he directs in Rome, his city of residence for more than thirty years. He has made numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, among which we remember Water of life (2016) at the Italian Cultural Institutes of Sydney and Melbourne and at the Italian Embassy in Canberra and the 54th Venice Biennale , Italian Pavilion – Turin curated by Vittorio Sgarbi (2011). There are also numerous exhibitions exhibited by the Forni Gallery in Bologna, one of the galleries that represents the artist, at the Consorti Gallery in Rome and at Piero Renna's Prac in Naples.

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