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Alessandro Piredda was born in Riccione in 1974. He lives and works in Misano Adriatico, in the province of Rimini.

His studies at the art school and at the Albe Steiner Academy in Ravenna favored Piredda's interest in architecture first and then photography. His first collaborations are with various motorcycle-sports magazines, but his attention to architecture, which has never subsided, has reappeared in recent years. Currently he focuses his photographic research in the social and artistic fields.

The series of shots "Darkitecture", presented in a solo exhibition at the Galleria Forni in December 2018, portrays some of the historical monuments of Italian architecture, shot at night and in black and white. The light is warm, filtered by darkness, to reveal the soul of the architecture as evidence of civilization, of the history of man.
As the author states “Using light and shadow, darkness and clarity, and time itself, intended as a measure of man, photography has documented the flows of cities and civilizations. These images capture time by stopping it momentarily in stone. The voluntary memory of these photographs represents the memory of the stone not as an inert substance, but as a continuation of the vital impetus of living forms ”.

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