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A new way of exhibiting.

A new art gallery.

Arte in Salotto is a contemporary art gallery and a new way of exhibiting, both in private homes and in its permanent space in the heart of Milan. 

Immagine dell'interno della galleria Arte in Salotto
Corridoio di Arte in Salotto con opere di Ciulla e Chéhère

The name comes from the gallery owner and project creator, Camilla Prini, to organize one-night exhibitions in collectors' private homes.

The paintings, photographs and selected sculptures are thus placed in a private domestic environment and harmonized with its furnishings.  


The gallery in Brera, opened in 2020, is designed as a real living room in which exhibitions characterized by a figurative style are held. The permanent space was created to always offer, and not only on the occasion of one-night private exhibitions in homes, the possibility of interacting with the artists and having direct advice from Camilla. 

Exhibitions in private houses and at a permanent space in Brera.


What is important for us.

The meticulous research for the quality of the proposed works, with focus on Italian artists.

The direct relationship with collectors.

The intimate environment in which exhibitions and meetings with artists take place.


Non speculative prices.

Scultura di Alice Mocellin presso Arte in Salotto
Scultura di Girolamo Ciulla raffigurante una testa con palma

Vision and mission.

Arte in Salotto offers works of great pictorial quality with non-speculative prices.

The intimate and domestic nature of the gallery uniquely characterizes the exhibition and purchase experience.

Arte in Salotto aims to be a reference point for figurative art for those who want to be guided in

the choice a work of art.

Arte in Salotto is a place for sharing and cultural exchanges, an atypical and multifaceted gallery.

Camilla Prini

I started working in the art world right after I graduated. Initially in art galleries in Italy and Paris and later in auction houses, directing the Italian office of a well-known English auction house for several years. After the birth of my second daughter, I decided to take a break from the world of work and from the competition typical of the auction world.

Therefore I tried to create a reality that would allow me to carry out my work with passion, putting to good use my years of experience.  

Arte in Salotto has thus become a small and unique art gallery, furnished like a real living room, where collectors are welcomed in a special environment.

Ritratto di Camilla Prini
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