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ana kapor-ritratto

In 1983 Ana Kapor left Belgrade to enroll at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, from which she graduated in 1987. As a child of art (her father is a well-known Serbian writer and painter), Italy could have been the only landing place for a girl who wanted to deepen the pictorial language. In Rome she met Arnaldo Romani Brizzi and shortly thereafter she had her first personal exhibition in his gallery Il Polittico; after that, the lucky meeting with the well-know gallery owner Antonia Jannone got her three personal exhibitions in Antonia's gallery. 

Her paintings combine a strong metaphysical imprint, very present in the Serbian architectural heritage, with the Mediterranean landscape. Magical places, between dream and reality, immersed in a mysterious yet reassuring nature, capable of calming the soul and delighting the eye, an oasis of serene beauty that Ana Kapor has always pursued and narrated in her works.

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