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Aurélien Villette (Le Chesnay, 1982) is a French photographer.
Always a great traveller, he searches for landscapes and architecture in which the traces of man are omnipresent, often sleeping in a tent to best capture the various facets of the place or search for the perfect light for the shot. It is thanks to his "nomadic" approach that the photographer is able to connect with the context, with its nature and its history, and to synthesize it in photography. What results is the representation of the "spirit of the place", understood as the soul of a territory, its profound essence made up of all those typological, environmental, morphological and historical characteristics, which in their totality identify it as unicum.

The “Dogma” series is one of the most important of his extensive research work. Started in 2010, it was first published in 2014, winning first prize at the International Photography Award in the Professional Architecture, Historic category in 2014. “Dogma” collects photographs of places of worship in more than 50 countries around the world that Villette he had the opportunity to visit on his numerous travels. The series aims to represent the precarious link between the desire to build imperishable places of worship and their current situations, demonstrating that nothing is static and that any place could disappear. The fate of these buildings, like everything else, is in fact linked to the torments of history, to the change in customs and territories.

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