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Ritratto di Gianluca Pollini

Gianluca Pollini was born in 1960 in Bologna, where he lives and works. He began photographing in 1982 for nature reportages that have been published in various magazines and books (All Photographers, Photo Italia, Fotopratica Imagine, Fotografare, Airone, Alp, Naturefotografie, Fotoit).

The themes currently investigated by the author are numerous and all related to the environment, nature, and inextricably linked to light, the only common thread. The most recent photographic cycles retrace well-known mountain landscapes dominated by the full moon, stretches of water and salt flats crossed by unusual plays of light, countryside and lagoon views wrapped in mists and mists, as well as refined floral compositions, both minimal and intense. From 2019 he dedicated himself to Architecture, in particular following the footsteps of the well-known architect Aldo Rossi and to the architectural forms of the Twenties, a research that has led to the production of a selection of works, some of which in color, entitled "Arquitectonica".


Collegamento alla mostra Arquitectonica
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