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Ritratto di Giovanni Viola

Giovanni Viola was born in 1981 in Modica, where he lives and works. In 2008 he graduated in law at the University of Messina, meanwhile cultivating his curiosity for art attending exhibitions and cultural events - which pushed him around Italy and, for a year, in London - both with the practice of drawing and the pictorial technique of oil and pastel, which he applies to the representation of the landscape of the land where he lives. Sicilian in the depths of his soul, Giovanni Viola represents his land with extreme delicacy and profound respect. On tiptoe he leads us into the Sicilian hinterland, in remote corners of the coast, far from the usual tourist destinations, using a language faithful to the pictorial tradition, devoted to discovering the essence of things.

The pastel technique, which he often uses, emphasizes the intangibility of the material, where sky and sea merge on the horizon, suggesting stillness and infinity. The total absence of figures is evident, leaving room for the landscape, the undisputed protagonist. Among the themes represented, there are the enchanting visions of "Guccionian" inspiration, with that rarefied atmosphere and that peculiar light of which Viola becomes a skilled interpreter. Still and silent, the horizons on the sea are stopped in frames of lucid visual synthesis, great skies that overlook the vastness of enchanting seas are transformed into metaphysical scenarios out of time and space.


Collegamento alla mostra "Orizzonti" di Giovanni Viola e Isabelle Corniere
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