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Ritratto di Jeanne Isabelle Corniere

Jeanne-Isabelle Cornière was born in Paris in 1974, but today she lives and works in Florence. After obtaining a Masters in Art History at the Sorbonne, Cornière was introduced to painting by Fabrice Denis at the Accadémie des peintres in Poissy (Paris). She moved to Florence, she attended the Libera Accademia del Nudo (Academy of Fine Arts) and the studio of the painter Alessandro Berti. She was introduced to sculpture by Professor Vincenzo Ventimiglia (Academy of Fine Arts) and she perfected drawing at the Russian Academy with Professor Sergey Chubirko. In 2008 and 2009 you qualified among the finalists of the Mondadori Art Prize, for graphic arts and sculpture. In recent years she has participated in solo and group exhibitions both in Italy and abroad (Miami, London, Paris).

For Jeanne Isabelle Cornière, sculpture is a serious exercise in the exploration of human nature, with particular attention to the themes of childhood, time and memory. In the formal development and execution of her work, Cornière works in the presence of live models, from which she draws, photographs and paints. The synthetic and clean aesthetics, dominated by the timeless white of the resin (or plaster) is interrupted only by small colored elements or objects (glass, paper, resin) which form the symbolic key and allow access to the meaning of the work.
A graceful silence and a profound presence emanate from her figures, inviting the viewer to stop for a moment.


Collegamento alla mostra "Orizzonti" di Giovanni Viola e Isabelle Corniere
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