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Keila Guilarte Mi Tierra (16).webp


Born in Santiago de Cuba, Keila Guilarte is a fashion photographer and photojournalist.
 being away from Cuba for many years, as a child as an athlete in the national synchronized swimming team and then because of her work, Guilarte decided to get closer to her homeland in the project "Mi Tierra", a collection of eighty black and white photographs where time seems suspended.
Guilarte looks at her land with love, great nostalgia and renewed amazement after leaving it many years before: the call of this island, however, is visceral for her. Only the experienced gaze of the photographer is capable of capturing the soul of the Cuban people in images with great emotional strength. Few frills, a lot of substance. Through the extremely powerful story of this land, Guilarte offers us an intimate portrait of herself, from a child and former athlete of the national synchronized swimming team, to a woman, photographer and mother. From this experience a book was created, published by Silvana Editoriale.


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