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Laurent Chéhère_Arte in Salotto

Laurent Chéhère was born in Paris in 1972, where he currently lives and works. Through photography, reportage and photomontage he explores cities, suburbs and villages.

"Flying houses" is the latest cycle of works, to which the artist has been dedicating himself since 2012; his flying houses are a poetic vision of old Paris through which he questions his own era. Inspired by poor and cosmopolitan neighborhoods, Chéhère isolates these buildings from their urban context and frees them from the anonymity of the street to tell the life, dreams and hopes of their inhabitants. Thanks to the artist's work, these buildings torn from the urban context and go from being simple containers to guardians of secrets and curiosities, of symbols and literary and cinematographic references. From a distance, these fragile vases appear light-hearted and dreamy, but up close the story is more complex. Laurent Chéhère provides us some interpretations, but these Flying Houses remain open to everyone's imagination.


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