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Manù Brunello nel suo studio alla Giudecca, Venezia

Manù Brunello was born in Mestre in 1959. When she was young she did not attend painting courses, but she always felt a particular attraction for art. Her artistic career began in 1994 with the creation of jewels, decorated and painted with ink pen. This jewelry line was then enriched with furniture items. She began to paint in 2008 and attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice allowed her to experience a new and different point of view: by portraying her jewels, she passed from the microcosm of meticulous craftsmanship to the free flight of painting on canvas. The artist's source of inspiration is fashion, for her an art in constant evolution and linked to dynamic variables relating to culture, place and time.

As claimed by the artist: "My work is born from the research and interpretation of shapes and surfaces of objects, represented through the absolute attention of a portrait". The object is thus reinterpreted with a technique that combines weaving with three-dimensionality, framing it in a sort of iconic representation. A series of paintings entirely dedicated to the figure of the Geisha has recently been added, which summarizes in a single image the description of the jewels, embroidered fabrics and accessories.


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