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Ritratto di Mauro Davoli

Born in the province of Parma in 1955, he began photographing while studying architecture at the Faculty of Engineering in Bologna, then opening his own studio in 1981. He remained linked to the world of design, architecture and art, collaborating over the years with various design and advertising studios, as well as with well-known publishing houses and trade magazines. His photographs have been exhibited in numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad, as well as being part of important private collections.

In recent years he has mainly devoted himself to his own personal artistic research, which focuses on the themes of "Still life" and "Vanitas". Through floral compositions, as well as fruits and vegetables, Davoli wants to portray the soul of his subjects and dissect their individuality, shapes and aromas. The warm and romantic light, the result of Davoli's undisputed technical quality and high aesthetic sensitivity, places us in front of a visual experience on the borderline between photography and painting.

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