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Immagine della serie "The Body Bondage" di Paola Cassola con una donna con il volto e il corpo fasciato


Ritratto di Paola Cassola che posa con delle corde


Multimedia artist Paola Cassola began her career as a journalist and photojournalist working for Vogue and other international magazines. Her numerous assignments have taken her on extensive travels, covering a variety of universal topics such as beauty, gender identity, politics, sustainability, poverty, wealth, health and culture, to name a few.
Her research continued until a trauma caused her to have extremely limited mobility in 2004. This crucial moment led Cassola to explore new methods of expression, creating numerous autobiographical works and moving the body, the energy, movement.

Cassola's practice continues to develop different forms of movement and technique that allow her to push the boundaries of the body. Cassola moves easily between painting, sculpture, photography, performance and video art, very often crossing all these practices within the same work.
The recent Silhouettes combine his Energy Paintings with a performative experience aimed at leading the subject in question towards a meditative and dream state, a moment in which one's own trace is imprinted on canvas or paper by the artist. The result is an unconventional, but certainly more intimate portrait.

Cassola was born in Milan, lived and worked in London, Madrid, Geneva, Santiago de Chile and Rio de Janeiro. She the artist currently lives and works between Miami, USA and Pietrasanta, Italy.


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