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Ritratto di Peter Mathis

Peter Mathis was born in 1961 in Hohenems, Austria, where he lives and works. Self-taught, Peter Mathis has been working as a professional photographer since 1986. His photographic production, originally focused mostly on the outdoors and the world of sport, has taken him around the world.

Since 2009 he has dedicated himself to landscape photography, deliberately choosing large formats and black and white photography. Of the latter, he carefully studies the laws and limits, to grasp the immense spectrum of expressive opportunities and then fix it in the image. Since 2012, the number of Peter Mathis' exhibitions has steadily increased. His photos have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Vienna, Budapest, Moscow, Prague, Paris, Zurich and Basel.

The artistic production of Peter Mathis is mainly based on the effects that light produces on the image and on the care of the photographic composition, making the best use of the light that the motif itself possesses, to optimize its expressive impact. A photo of him, therefore, is not the mere reproduction of a landscape motif, but the optimal re-elaboration of the same, on the spot, by the camera.

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