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viet ha tran_ritratto

Viet Ha Tran is a photographer born in Vietnam in 1981 and currently living in Madrid. Viet Ha started her career in 2013 first with artistic photography and later with abstract paintings. Her works have been published in magazines all over the world and she is represented by international galleries. The artist is Exhibition Manager at IE University (Spain) and has been a member of the jury of the University's IE Awards Foundation for Humanities since 2016.

Known for her photographs of emotionally dense and infinitely compelling women, her art emphasizes fantasy and imagination as a source of aesthetic experience. Instead of taking pictures, she tries to paint women's emotions, inner dreams, intimacy and poetry with her camera; as a result, her photos, in addition to looking like classic paintings, capture an ephemeral moment of female emotions flowing through the river of time. While reality plays hide and seek with the imagination, her works are a reflection of those unstable moods imprinted in a state of permanent change. Her themes and inspirations include spirituality, philosophy, classical literature and Persian mystical poetry.

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