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neri marcorè_marcello chiarenza


National premiere
From April 13 to April 16 2023 – Ancona, Teatro delle Muse
From April 18 to April 23 2023 – Milan, Teatro Carcano

Neri Marcorè returns to confront Fabrizio De Andrè in a new song theater show that revives on stage "La buona novella", an album published by the author in 1969.

After the success of "Quello che non ho", Marcorè and the playwright and director Giorgio Gallione renew their artistic partnership in the name of the great Genoese singer-songwriter, bringing his first concept album to the stage.

With an explicitly theatrical cut, "La buona novella" is built almost in the form of a chamber opera with a score and text composed to give voice to many characters: Maria, Giuseppe, Tito the thief, the mothers' choir, a carpenter, the people. And it is precisely from this basis that the theatrical version starts.

«This show is conceived as a sort of contemporary Sacred Representation that alternates and intertwines de André's songs with narrative excerpts taken from the apocryphal Gospels which inspired the author himself. Prose and music are assembled in a score consistent with the path traced by the author on the disc. The spoken passages, as in an archaic story, underline the evocative power and value of the original songs, revealing their mythical and literary source» writes Gallione.

The "revolutionary" value of De André's rewriting lies in the decision of a layman to address such an anomalous topic for the times".

«I think the task of an artist is to comment on the events of his time, however, using the tools of art: allegory, metaphor, comparison». This statement by De André is emblematic of how the author has placed himself, in times of full student revolt, against such a delicate and debated topic from a political and spiritual point of view.

In Marcello Chiarenza's sets we see the images that characterize the poetics of the sculptor and theatrical set designer: works of great evocative power whose symbols resonate of metaphors, allegories and comparisons that De André talks about

neri marcorè_marcello chiarenza
neri marcorè_marcello chiarenza
neri marcorè_marcello chiarenza
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