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Born in Naples in 1971, Tommaso Ottieri studied architecture at the Federico II University of Naples and at the Robert Gordon School of Architecture in Aberdeen (UK). After graduating in 1996 he moved to the Cyclades thanks to a scholarship and opened a painting workshop in Oia (Santorini). In 1998 he opened his studio in Naples, where he still lives and works.

Tommaso Ottieri initially devoted himself to painting just in his spare time, only later making it his occupation. The main theme of his research has always been the city; at first it was the buildings on which he worked as an architect that appeared on the canvases, but later the gaze broadens to fly over the urban centers of all the world. For him, the city is like a living organism that alters and changes day after day; by representing it, he also wants to represent the lives of the people who pass through it. His is an expressive language that seems to capture the lights and flashes of these great centers, like visual impressions that make up urban landscapes.

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